New Déjà Vu Level!

Been a while but after some playtesting and valuable feedback I can now release some more Déjà Vu content! 

This new level is more of a "beginner" level. It's meant to ease the player into understanding the main record then playback mechanics, before exploring the other mechanics. As a result, those familiar with my first demo may have an easier time with Level 1. 

Level 2 is the original demo, however I have added some more UI prompts to make some things more clear.

Other changes include: 

  • A "Level" that you can traverse to access the other levels, kinda like an overworld or level hub
  • A Recording limit of 5 seconds
  • Some post process effects to make it obvious when you are recording
  • Some attempts to make playback speed more consistent with what you recorded
  • Control changes, realised I wasn't using the mouse for any of the mechanics when it would make sense to do so

And some general "under the hood" fixes. Hope you enjoy!


DejaVu - 348 MB
Mar 08, 2020

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